Red Light Camera Citations – Even State Reps Know They Are Bogus

This red light camera enforcement issue goes hand-in-hand with the “administrative surcharges” issue on certain actual traffic citations as BOTH are constitutionally prohibited Bills of Pains and Penalties.

No state legislature, as a matter of constitutional prohibition and mandate, can allow ANY of the contracts with these red light camera companies to remain in force and be paid BECAUSE they were unconstitutional and unconscionable ab initio!

Your legislators, judges and attorneys are blatantly LYING to your face and stealing from you OPENLY in willful defiance of your inherent unalienable RIGHTS! Just how deaf, dumb and ignorant do you intend to remain while your liberty and livelihood is stolen through illegitimate political processes that were NEVER authorized to exist or be used to extort the People of their liberty, lives and property?!?!

It is time to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!…/

Texas Red Light Camera Citations – Class Action Suit Filed

For those of you that are regular listeners to my radio show on Rule of Law Radio / Logos Radio Network, you have often heard me make mention of all of the very substantial reasons that red light cameras are completely unconstitutional right out of the gate.  And, as noted in one of my other previous posts, they are even more illegal and unconstitutional when implemented via municipal ordinance rather than by state law or statute. I even posted one of my last blog updates with information relating to this very thing in the form of a video and an updated red light camera “kiss my royal individual sovereign ass” response letter.

Today, I have even bigger and better news in that particular arena. And that news revolves around the very highly regarded desire to end the unconstitutional fiasco created by these programs. That desire has finally reached a point of fruition that will hopefully culminate in the long-sought-after removal of these cameras and the injustices that they have wrought upon every person that has ever received one.

That being said, this post contains several documents relating to a class-action lawsuit that has just been filed against a multitude of Texas municipalities for their unconstitutional and downright illegal red light camera citation scams.I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone that has EVER received one of these citations relating to a Texas municipality try and contact the law firm that filed the suit and see if you can be included as a Plaintiff.

Their first amended complaint (attached) was filed in federal court just a few days ago, and it will provide all of the lurid details as to the inner workings and corrupt practices that have been engaged in for more than eight years by some of these municipalities, and slightly fewer years for some of the others, but, each and every one illegal and unconstitutional before they were ever voted upon to be enacted.  This red light camera scam was born and foisted upon the people of Texas back in 2007 by the Texas Legislature in yet another attempt to steal money from the people through unconstitutional legislation (Texas Constitution).

When I first read the complaint, I recognized all of the same arguments that I have been using in my discussions with activist groups on this subject. Many of which are also part of the red light camera chapter in my second upcoming book on the judiciaries intentional denial of legal due process in misdemeanor cases handled in Texas courts. It is noteworthy because the large law firm that has filed the suit on behalf of their client are actually validating all of the arguments I have been making all along by making those same arguments in their complaint. It is noteworthy because it is irrefutable proof that going to law school is NOT a prerequisite to understanding what our constitutions and statutes actually say and mean, nor does it require judicial interpretation by a judge or an attorney to be understandable.

Real law and justice does NOT require specialized training to comprehend, to fight for, or to adjudicate, as long as you are not arguing and ruling based upon some personal or political agenda rather than the actual facts, the circumstances, the law, and the constitutionality of all of the above. It requires only that one have an above average grasp of right and wrong as well as the predominate written and spoken language where the law will be practiced. The false belief in specialized training was originally established, and is being maintained, by the elitist legal fraternity through the various Bar Associations and law firms, who currently have a monopoly on access to the courts, the tools used in the legal industry, and recognition as being one knowledgeable in the law, even when they aren’t.  This is a judicial system that the attorneys and judges have created entirely for themselves, not we the People. It is the Bar that constantly changes the purpose of law, the manner of arguing and filing pleadings, and every other manner of process and procedure meant to make even what was once the simplest of actions into a legal quagmire to the uninitiated layman. There can never be equal justice under the law because the practice and methods of achieving that justice are known and controlled by only a select few.  And all of it is entirely violative of justice and the rights of the people to substantial and substantive due process.

That being said, enjoy the read, because I certainly did!

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – City Attorney Representation Letter

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – Plaintiff’s Notice of Filing Suit

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – Plaintiff’s Request for Records

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – Plaintiff’s Request Interrogatories

(OCR’d) RLC Lawsuit – Plaintiff’s Standing Order to ATS

TEXAS ONLY!! Updated Red Light Camera Response Letter

Okay, here is an updated Red Light Camera Ticket letter that is to be used by TEXANS ONLY for any such “citation” issued by a municipality therein.  Be aware that they might very well go ahead and find against you on the “citation” anyway, but, THAT will be their undoing if you pursue a lawsuit for them having done so. There is also a video of one of the Texas Legislators asking this very fact question of the three-person panel asking them not to pass legislation to do away with the cameras.

It should come as no surprise that this panel was comprised almost entirely of high-ranking law enforcement agency personnel.

Read and ENJOY!!

05.03D2 EC – LTR – (TEXAS ONLY) Special Appearance Letter Red Light or Speeding Camera