Rule of Law Radio Archive Search Engine

Listeners can now search the show archives for specific words or phrases.

UPDATE: The archives have been restored! Thanks to Deborah’s efforts, new episodes are being transcribed and uploaded daily. There are now 2194 episodes transcribed and searchable. You can now share search results on social media by pasting the contents of the address bar into a social media post. Statistical information was also added to the landing page. Statistical information includes: Top 5 Searches, Last 3 Searches and the Total Number of Searches.

Here are couple of examples of my favorite search terms:
Chicken Dance
already been rung
trial de novo
qualified written request

How To Best Use It: The site is designed to search the show archives for words or phrases used in the show and return where those words or phrases occur in the archives. Don’t try to search for “signs speeding tickets statutes” because it will search for a time when somebody uttered those four words in that exact order. Instead try searching for “speeding”. Don’t just toss keyword-salad at it and expect results.

A listener of the show has created a website that will let you search the audio archives of the Rule of Law Radio show. As of the time of this writing, the site has only a limited number (119) of archives available for search but this number should grow as the archives become available again. If you haven’t noticed there is an issue that is preventing the downloading of most of the archived shows. Once this is resolved, more episodes will be transcribed and made available for search.

The transcripts are generated using OpenAI‘s Whisper software suite so it is possible that some transcriptions are inaccurate but overall it is relatively functional. The site and the author are not associated with Logos Radio Network so if you have issues with the site or want to report errors in the transcripts email the author at

(Depreciated):The author is also seeking MP3 archives of the show that are not already transcribed and made available here until the show archives page is working again. If you have a collection of MP3 archives that are not listed here, please email the site creator at

To check it out go to