Jurisdiction – Do Federal Courts Actually HAVE Any?

Federal courts. We hear about them all time and all the big cases that they make decisions on. Most of them adverse to the rights of the American people and very pro-government. In many cases there is an issue of jurisdiction to be considered. Now why would you think that is?

We also hear all the time that “the courts are corrupt, especially the federal courts.” Now why would you think that is?

Perhaps, it is because it is all entirely true. These federal courts have NO jurisdiction within the states of the union, and they never have had.

I posted an earlier article about this case here. But I am adding this one so that you may have other perspectives of the significance of the case.

Take for instance, the Bundy cases in Nevada and Oregon. I have already explained in another article why the federal government’s Bureau of Land [Mis]management (BLM) had no jurisdiction on either piece of property, but consider what is currently developing in those cases and try to see why that lack of jurisdiction would also extend to the federal courts.

Also consider the true implications of that total lack of lawful authority. If the federal government, through its agents in the F.B.I., having no jurisdiction over the land in Oregon and no lawful authority to deny anyone in the state access for any reason, or to allow its occupation by a foreign entity operating under the guise of a federal agency having zero authority on that land, then there can be absolutely no question the LaVoy Finicum was murdered to cover up a massive armed robbery of the People of Oregon, the loot being the land itself.

That would also mean that all the other protestors that occupied the BLM compound were actually trying to stop an armed robbery of the People, and that they were shot at and kidnapped by a band of federally sanctioned murderers and thieves.

But the real stickler of the problem is in realizing that none of this would have been possible in either Nevada or Oregon without the knowing collusion of the higher echelons of government in both of those union states.  In other words, the People of Oregon and Nevada have traitors in their midst that are also in charge of their government.

And knowing that, do you really think that your particular state is in any less danger from the treasonous bastards that are currently in control of it?  Those same individuals that have already proven time-and-time again that they are perfectly willing to throw your individual rights and liberty under the bus of “progress” and collectivism in the name of public safety and welfare?

THINK for yourselves for once. Try to see the bigger picture for what it is and where it’s going, not just your own small little piece of it where the colors all look just right, at least, for right now.




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Income Taxes – Some things that you need to know.

Uncle_Sam_Emptying_PocketsThe income tax is not a tax owed by the vast majority of Americans, but many think that it is. And if you are one of those, then it might be in your best interest to learn just how you came to or were taught to believe this science fiction story as if it were science fact.

I am linking in several resources to help you in unraveling the intentionally twisted factual history from the mass disinformation propagated by those that have stood to benefit the most from this fraudulent claim upon the people and their right to earn a living for themselves.  I hope that you will take the time and effort to read, watch, and research them for yourselves so as to better understand what has been done and what we as a People need to know and do about it.

Dave Champion – www.taxrevolt.us

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Freedom to Fascism – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ayb02bwp0

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Federal Income Tax – The IRS’s Creation and Perpetuation of a Fraud!

If you know anything about the income tax, then you realize that something is wrong with how it works. If you know a LOT about the income tax scheme, then you know that is precisely what it is, a scheme.

Every single day Americans of all walks of life are defrauded by their own government through its operation and refusal to control a rogue agency that has no place in America and never has.

This link is to a recently filed federal lawsuit exposing but one way that the world’s greatest and most pervasive financial fraud and outright theft of the individual wealth of the American people has been implemented and used. It is well worth your time and effort to understand what this suit is proving has occurred through literally decades of extortion and robbery by your government and the illegal abuse of the tax system.

It is time to awaken and understand what immoral and corrupt things are being done to you and all other American using our own name as the authority by which it is done. It is time to stop being sheep and learn once more to be men!

Case 1:15-CV-01288 Robert A. McNeil v Commissioner, Internal Revenue and U.S. Attorney General