When Cognitive Dissonance Becomes the Societal Norm.

What do you do when stupidity and apathy become the norm of everyday life with every person you meet and interact with? I’m not just talking about having to deal with a handful of the same people every single day, but virtually everyone that you come into contact with.

I seem to recall a movie that traversed this scenario some years back that was appropriately titled “Idiocracy.” Man, was it something special, because I could actually recognize so much of what was becoming so prevalent already. The idiots rise to power and control.

Which brings me to the main point of this article, recognizing when you are interacting with one of the main “Idiocracy” support role characters in real life.  I’ll leave it up to you to determine which character that is in the following conversation from Facebook. Pay close attention, because you soon ARE going to have to interact with people just like this in every day life, if you aren’t stuck with them already.

Just read through this conversation and and see just where the mental disconnects are actually coming from. But, most importantly, recognize them as such, because failure to do so might just be your last opportunity to avoid any future contact with such a person. This conversation evolved like something out of a “Dilbert” cartoon where Dilbert is trying to explain a technical problem to his pointy-haired and utterly clueless boss.


4 thoughts on “When Cognitive Dissonance Becomes the Societal Norm.

    • I am said that preserving it was even necessary, but how else do you get others to see the mindset they are up against when trying to spread around a little factual truth if not be letting them see it in action firsthand?


  1. Hey id love to have all of that to copy and paste into my blog page “restore our constitution for we the people” I know the constitution of 1787 adopted 1791 is and shall remain the supreme law of the land and no law may exclude or preclude it.. i sure would like the information you shared with the ignoramus asssshole who refused to educated himself or is just a paid dis-tractor of disinformation which thee are many out there… fools who never question the fictions who have no authority yet abuse powers right and left in conspiracies to obstruct due process. I love you all be happy and be free amen


  2. Micheal L. Ward – Everything I said or provided to my detractor is in this blog post. So if you have some specific question(s) on some specific subject(s), I will try to make time in the near to come back and address it or them.

    Thanks for the comment.


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