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The City of Austin and the State of Texas has used this code to illegally confiscate two personal automobiles that are his private property, as well as those that are the private property of thousands of other people. Compound that with the literally BILLIONS of dollars a year stolen through fraudulent traffic citations and extortion by the kangaroo courts, and you can see why this needs to be done. It will set precedent across the entire country for others to bring to bear in their own fights with these corrupt courts.

Eddie has been fighting this battle for your right’s for over 20 years. He has exhaustively studied the laws on this subject to try and make the American people aware of their rights and how to protect them. We have all been indoctrinated and taught for too long that we should simply comply with any public servant’s demands for our on sake and convenience, even if those demands are completely unlawful and illegal. The coerced or ignorantly willing waiver of our rights at every such demand has terribly eroded and almost entirely destroyed the rights and freedoms of virtually everyone, and this will not change until we are willing and able to fight back. THIS is what Eddie is trying to do for us all.

Eddie has dedicated himself to this effort at great personal sacrifice and expense to stop the fraud and deprivation of rights and liberties that we are ALL being subjected to on a daily basis. When he wins this case, and with your help, he will, it will not just be a victory and vindication for himself, but for every Texan and American across the country that is tired of being stopped, harassed, and stolen from by law enforcement and crooked courts simply so they can generate evermore unconstitutional and illegal ticket or civil asset forfeiture revenue.

Winning this battle will help every single person in America by what s/he can learn and apply from this lawsuit. Title 42 federal lawsuits cost a lot of money to file and maintain, so PLEASE, help in any way and in any amount that you possibly can.

Thank you!