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Currently under construction, Tao of Law aspires to be the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge, web-based patriot community and patriot educational, unifying, organizational and mobilizing tool in existence.

Why “Tao” of Law? “Tao” is a Chinese word loosely meaning “way” or “path.” Most accurately, Tao is not a name for a thing; rather, it is the underlying natural order and principles of the universe. Thus, Tao of Law’s goal is to teach not only true law, but also the underlying and guiding principles of law that the modern court system, judges, police officers, politicians, legislators – and even We the People – seem to have long forgotten.

Tao of Law is being built in two phases. All of the features, functions and tools that will be available when Tao of Law is initially launched are outlined below in Phase-I. Even more (and more revolutionary) features, functions and tools are planned for addition under Phase-II (see below), based on popularity, usage and financial support of the Phase-I features, functions and tools.

Meanwhile, some free resources are currently available here: Eddie Craig’s Traffic Stop Practice Script , which will help you establish and maintain your rights during traffic stops and other encounters with police, and his Cross-Examination Practice Script , which will guide you through cross-examination in court. You can also grab a copy of Eddie’s materials discussed on the April 4, 2013 Alex Jones Nightly News (382KB zip file). If you have received a red-light camera ticket, have a look at the new Texas Specific Red Light Camera Special Appearance Letter template.


00A EC – INST – Traffic Stop Practice Script v04.03.2013-001(Justified).pdf

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  1. Eddie, please fill out this page with all you contact info, radio show, etc… So people can contact you. I have you all over my last youtube video for this page now that I have a place to drive these people…

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  2. I think Eddie is just a bunch of bullshit and that is why no one can contact him directly. He tells people stuff and then when they use it they still get in trouble. I almost got into trouble with a VA Police officer over no driver’s license(never had one been using an automobile since I was 10) and he said he was going to just ask me to get a license and he wasn’t going to do anything this time because he thought I was following some bad advice someone had given me. So if Eddie does have a phone number I would really love to talk to him personally.


    • “I think Eddie is just a bunch of bullshit and that is why no one can contact him directly.” And you are basing this on what facts and evidence exactly? Since when is email not a direct contact in the same context that a phone call would be? It is my understanding that his phone rings enough already, so WHY would he give his number out to the general public just so some annoying assholes who don’t want help, but rather to threaten or complain or just harass, can call it all hours of the day or night? It is my understanding that he provides it to those with whom he is working on their cases, but why would he just throw it out there?

      You DO have enough intelligence to understand that cell phones work on by-the-minute usage plans, right? You DO know that those cost money, right? You DO know that phone companies LOVE it when you go over those minutes and they can charge you exorbitant rates, right? You aren’t going to be the one paying for those minutes, HE is, right? He has a call-in radio show every Monday night where he takes LIVE callers on-air, right? Have you ever called into the show and asked him anything? If so, did you DO anything with the information that he provided? Is there some reason that you think that isn’t direct contact in the same vein as you having his cell phone?

      As far as your comment “he tells people stuff,” I would have to ask, and? One thing I know for sure about what he tells EVERYONE, and that is that WHATEVER he tells people, he ALSO tells people that they MUST learn and understand the actual laws of the STATE they are in AND the statutes built upon those laws. He also tells them to compare ANYTHING he has told them to what is actually contained therein. He has NEVER claimed nor said that he was an expert in the laws and statutes of EVERY single STATE, just particular subjects specific to Texas, and some things specifically in a few others. So just what is it that you are claiming he told you that was “wrong?” And WHAT did you do to actually learn ANYTHING at all about the laws and statutes in your STATE? Perhaps you spent an hour or two trying to find stuff and whatever you did find completely by accident you didn’t understand? Which would make him the one that is wrong how?

      Furthermore, there is a disparity in your diatribe here. You claim that you “(never had one [license] been using an automobile since I was 10).” So, how old are you now, 16? Because about six or seven years is only how long he has been doing his show on-air. What year did you first hear him? If it was when you were 10, was he what made you decide to never get a license, or did you decide that before you ever even heard of him?

      Regardless, you most likely never bothered to learn and understand the things that you have to know in order to be successful in such things, did you? Therefore, it would seem that you might be more likely to have to call “bullshit” on yourself rather than anything he might have told you, because he would have told you to do your research and to be prepared. Don’t blame others for your own lack of follow-through.

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      • As a matter of fact …
        Eddie’s Information and instructions are quite sound.
        I personally got out of a traffic violation in Farmers Branch, Texas
        December 2013
        Sum total saved $1200
        This was the first time I implemented Eddie Craig’s instructions.
        by saying to the judge that I was Not a “Driver” I was a “Traveler”
        There is a distinct difference between the two. Driver: is getting paid to be Behind the wheel of that motorized car or truck. Traveler: is an individual behind the wheel of their motorized car.
        To date, the United States Constitution and the Texas constitution both clearly state, that we the people have the inherent right to travel freely within these 50 United States without being harassed. Now where you’re failing to comprehend the distinction is most likely because you’re looking up the definition of these two words (or basing your knowledge of these two words from grade school) in Websters Dictionary and not in the legal dictionary Blacks Law Dictionary.
        This is where most individuals mistake lies.
        I implore you to listen carefully to Eddie Craigs 3 1/2 hour video from info wars. I also implore you to verify the data he so graciously includes.
        I personally checked, rechecked, and cross-checked all of his information. This information is absolutely sound. It’s more involved than what I made it sound, the courts have multiple methods to trip you up. One cannot go into a court room and not comprehend the what and why you are not complying with the usual sheeple. Remember, every police officer in the Academy is trained to enforce policy and code over law. They do not hire above a certain IQ level. They also do not hire people who comprehend United States Constitution and amendment rights because this would conflict with the policies and the codes they’re wanting these officers to enforce. It’s all about the money, Baby.

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  3. Hi Eddie! For novice in law and legal process where can one learn the basics about how the system works and then furthermore the specific regulations for state which one lives in. For example, How do I go about cross checking to learn the rules to see if the things you talk about apply in my state (new Jersey) for example the transportation code codes you site on your show. Thank you for you rtime and great information!

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  4. Eddie; my son lives in the communist country of new jersey, and they are trying him on a bogus charge of “interfering with a police investigation” for claiming his right to remain silent. They want to send him to prison for 18 months. So far, the judge has postponed the “trial” twice because the cop failed to show; even though my son objected. I’ve only recently become aware of your website, but the info I have gathered so far (from Karl Lentz, Carl Miller, & most recently you) tells me that this whole dog/pony show is unconstitutional, and unlawful.
    Is there anything you can tell me to help him out? He has 9 kids (15-10 months old). Please, if you can help me.
    Thanks for what you guys are doing to awaken the people.


    • The state, despite its best efforts to do so, CANNOT lawfully convert the free exercise and enjoyment of a inherent protected right into a crime.

      Now, if you are telling me ALL of the facts as to what he did, then he, or you, should file a federal petition for habeas corpus and injunctive relief and get the charges dismissed at the federal level.

      Make sure that your facts are perfectly straight when you do that though, because it certainly won’t go well if they are even remotely untrue as to what happened.


  5. Update; he has been convicted, and is now a felon, although not sentenced to incarceration.
    How would he go about filing his federal petition? He has contacted the FBI about this, but has no idea if any investigation has been initiated.
    Thank you very much for your response, your help is greatly appreciated.


    • George, First off, I’m not an attorney, but your son definitely needs one. The FBI is NOT going to help you against the state, an attorney will have to file the appropriate motions, etc to move the case to appeal, assuming that is still an option, because I think there is a time limit.
      There is an old saying that I picked up from years on law enforcement, and Eddie may disagree with me, I don’t know, but it goes something like this… “He who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”


      • In many cases in the past, that would certainly have been true. But today, the attorney doesn’t actually know the law at all more often than not, and does not act in the best interest of the client even when s/he does. That still does not mean that everyone should try to fight without an attorney when they really have no knowledge or skills themselves, but those who do are MUCH better off than they otherwise would be using an attorney anymore.


  6. Is Eddie saying we can drive drunk and all we have to do if we get pulled over is not roll down our window (or roll it down 2 inches as he says) and read his script to the cop? Awesome! And the cops will just walk away? Or if the Do arrest us we’ll make thousands suing? Thanks Eddie Craig! I can’t wait to try this out!! Let hope someone following this advice runs over someone in Eddie’s family!


    • So, a demand by the people that law enforcement officers and the courts actually FOLLOW the law instead of making up their own is grounds for you to wish personal bodily injury or death upon another or their family? Which would most likely make you the individual that sent the email in the first place, correct?

      You make it sound as if you believe that the very fact that law enforcement even exists has actually prevented EVERY DUI incident and death since the time the concept of “police” began. Is that what you are saying? Even in cases where law enforcement HAS arrested an individual for DUI before they injured someone, it is still only a POSSIBILITY at that point that they might have caused an injury to anyone at all, regardless of the interception performed by law enforcement. Or are you claiming that your magical criminal street-gang suit and nichol-plated butt-plug allow you to foresee the future and all its related possible variations to know what WOULD have happened otherwise?

      You claim that it is law enforcement’s efforts to misapply the law that has prevented every DUI related death or injury, and yet, you don’t see your desire for wishing bodily injury or death upon others who disagree with you as being rather ironic, or even as a problem, considering that it is coming from someone who allegedly took an oath to “protect and serve.” I guess you added some little extra part under your breath that goes something like “… as long as I want to, as long as you properly worship and obey my every whim and command, and you never disagree with me when I tell you what I think the law is or if I violate your rights out of malice or ignorance,” right? How else do you explain your comment wishing harm upon others?

      In fact, you are SO blind to the irony of your stated belief that, “As a law enforcement officer, I’m responsible for keeping all of you safe from every imaginary harm, which only I and the courts can understand, but what I *really* think is that someone SHOULD hurt you or that I could do it myself so as to justify my existence and abuses of authority.” Does that about sum up why you would publicly wish harm upon those you swore an oath to serve and protect? Yeah, THAT gives me even MORE confidence in knowing that the true criminals that actually want to harm you are behind the badge and not in front of it.

      The only thing I can say to you is this; you think it amusing to mock someone and their family, and wish them harm, just because they disagree with you about what you do and how you do it. Which they do because they believe this type of thing is something that THEY didn’t and couldn’t authorize YOU, the courts, OR the legislature, as their public servants, to do to their fellow man or to themselves? Do you at least have the excuse of a mental illness that you suffer from, like schizophrenia, or an elitist god-complex? Or is it that you are just another authoritarian statist asshole that thinks nothing is right with the world if you haven’t had the opportunity to tazer, maim, or kill someone today, and then get away with it because of your “blue privilege” and magic suit?

      Your diatribe serves to prove that law enforcement personnel ARE a MUCH greater threat to public safety than those DUIs you hope to use to fear monger support for your position through your ignorant comments.

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      • There lies another violation of impersonating a police officer.

        In Blacks Law 6th Edition Definition of OATH: The person taking the oath IMPLICITLY invites punishment if the OATH is broken or untrue.

        The OATH is not a RITUAL or FORMALITY.
        It is a REQUIREMENT.

        Which means, these officers are REQUIRED to know the CONSTITUTION and the AMENDMENT RIGHTS in order to be able to uphold them.

        How are they able to uphold laws that they don’t know?

        Hence, it’s untrue.

        The OATH that they have just taken is a lie.

        This is why police academies do not hire individuals that know the CONSTITUTION or AMENDMENT RIGHTS, because it would conflict with the policies, codes and ordinances that they want these officers to uphold.


    • 👠There’s nothing more terrifying than IGNORANCE in action.

      I assure you, if you actually heeded to the information Eddie has worked so long and hard to graciously share it with you..

      You would be an asset to this country and not a liability.

      You can lead a horse to water.. So the saying goes.


  7. Hi Eddie, I was listening to your program today that you recorded for Infowars a couple of years ago and you brought up the issue of raw milk. I am a raw milk dairy farmer in Alberta, Canada and my farm was recently raided by various government agencies. I have been charged with 3 counts under the Dairy Industry Act and my first court appearance is a week today. I’ve been looking for legal help from those that practice regulatory law but have thus far been unimpressed. I’m wondering if you would be able to recommend to me a podcast or article or archived show that you may have produced to show how farmers can defend themselves. Are you open to discussing my situation with me sometime?


  8. After 9/11 I was caught up in the prevision od the patriot act, the required 3 forms of ID. Both my parents are from N Caroline, my father was stationed of seas in Germany. My drivers permission license had expired, so I walked in nonchalantly expecting to be in and out. Not being aware of the new change, I had to go get my B certificate, well it a German BC. Unsure of what to do several months had passed. I got pulled over and there I was. Not working at the time so it went to a warrant. Tack on a few more and here l am. Still unable to drive (legally) and broke.

    Yeah, I know, but then I learn about the states mendacity.

    So, now I know why the state steals our Manufacture Statement of Origin. Bandits with their surreptitiously writen contracts.


  9. T.O.L—First off, THANK YOU for providing another source for Liberty minded folks to research for themselves (the biggest key to all of this) how best to preserve and protect said rights. I am fairly new to all of this, so it’s a bit overwhelming. I have been researching PUBLIC rights vs Private rights for a couple years. My research suggests that so long as an individual (human) keeps his Private matters private, and utilizes administrative processes for any citations received, he/she can easily get any fines levied dismissed. My question is how does the public/private sides play into your info? My understanding is that one should never enter into a court unless you have no choice to do so as all PUBLIC charges can be dealt with via admin. processes. That being said, cops don’t care or know about the two designations and will proceed to beat your ass anyway. If one has taken ownership of their legal fiction and created a trust for their property, do we have to even go to court (which aren’t Article 3 courts in the first place)? Again, I am a newbi and trying very hard to wrap my head around all of this, so I may misunderstand some of the material. Also, the link provided for the script is not working as of the date of the message.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you for the kind words, and please try not to take the remainder of this comment personally, but I sincerely hope you do take it to heart. Once you are done reading this response, I would suggest that you search this sight for all the articles referring to “Patrinut” and read them over CAREFULLY. Most of the stuff it appears that you are picking up is dangerous nonsense that will only make matters worse for anyone attempting to pass it off as fact. Those other articles will show you just how and why that is so.

      From the sound of things you are getting off on the wrong foot. You need to get as far away from those who are trying to tell you this is a “trust” situation as fast possible, because they are dead wrong. I have tried for literally DECADES to get those self-proclaimed “guru’s” to provide even one shred of evidence to support their idiotic theories, and to date, all I’ve received is fake court case citations, statutes that are being both misinterpreted and misapplied completely outside of the legal context in which they are written and the subject to which they apply. Most of the people spouting this clap-trap don’t have the reading and comprehension skills of five year old. Proof that all of these aforementioned things have been misconstrued and stretched beyond any reasonable interpretation capable of imagination from the words and context given is easy to find, IF you can read and comprehend what you read. Most of these people simply can’t it appears.

      In other words, where those who make the claims that this garbage theory is true provide what THEY consider “evidence” in support, there is invariably and consistently ample evidence that their conclusions are completely wrong, because what they say doesn’t match the facts and the law when read in its correct context and totality. Furthermore, their conclusions are not based upon one single level of logical and factually supported inference, it is based upon multiple levels of inference, and almost none of those inferences are even remotely correct in the first place. I have yet to find one single person spreading this disinformation who was doing otherwise.

      Therefore, as to your question about how this information fits in with my own, it absolutely doesn’t, because mine is based upon something verifiable and proven, while this other simply is not. Anyone telling you different SHOULD be able to provide you with absolute proof that they filed something relative to their theory in a court of law and the court acted in direct response to such filing to provide a favorable outcome to the one making the claim, which I have NEVER had a single one of these persons be able and willing to produce, EVER! Why? Because it is a LIE, it DOESN’T work, and it never has. Sure, some folks are simply ushered out of the courtroom on occasion when they have a rather simple traffic case, primarily because the judge just doesn’t want to deal with an idiot that day (I’ve seen this in person myself), but it is NOT repeatable and usable across the board by anyone and everyone to accomplish the same thing because it is NOT CORRECT as a matter of law.

      My process and information, however, comes directly from the very system itself, and it DOES work, and it IS repeatable and reusable across the board. It MAY have to be adapted to the specific laws of your own state, but the process and procedures are fundamentally the same, as are your rights ANYWHERE in the several states of the union.

      Study LAW, i.e. the rules of civil and criminal procedure, the rules of evidence, and the actual laws relating to the offenses you are or can be charged with. THAT is what works, THAT is what is reusable and repeatable, not some idiotic garbage formulated from the mind of someone who couldn’t even pass jr. high English class. Be smarter than that, because winning consistently requires it.


      • @ TOL, Thank you for your in depth and thoughtful response. Perhaps I did a poor job of representing the facts as I understand them. I have been researching the content of the Sovereign Educational Defense Ministry (sedm.org). Their material is among the most thorough and exhaustive that I have ever attempted to comprehend. Their materials are lock step with most of your own teachings. They only deal on verifiable facts and proven law. I may not have a background in law, but I am capable of verifying their message and I believe I have, but I could be wrong too.

        That being said, the process I was referring to is acceptance for value, and my own research, again, suggests the process has merit and has indeed worked for an individual I know personally. That being said, perhaps I am poor at glossing over an incredibly complex topic, and I know every individual situation to be unique in how it can be handled legally.

        It is fact that a lot of self proclaimed “gurus” are misleading folks, but like you, I am trying very hard to deal in provable facts(which is one reason I have been reluctant to act until I know what i am doing inside and out). Maybe you know of the group I named and could provide insight into just where specifically they are off point? I know you are busy, and I don’t expect you to research for me, but if you know specifically why any of my broad strokes are leading me astray, I would really appreciate any guidance beyond what you already provided. Respectfully, Jeremy


      • Jeremy,

        I fully understand the theory and practices of the “accepted for value” crowd and the falsehoods they promote, that is why I warn others AWAY from it, because it is based upon a totally incompetent reading and understanding of the law itself.

        Since you provided nothing upon which to review the claim that you know “someone personally for whom it has worked,” I have no frame of reference for discussion about what they did or how they did it, much less what the actual outcome was. I am certain that if you think about it you will recall that they never showed you any actual proof either.

        However, it has been my experience that those who make those claims only provide the documents that THEY generated and never anything from the other side showing it was accepted or dismissed as being irrelevant to the matter at hand. Which is no proof at all since we only have one side of the story and the rest is entirely presumptive, both on their part and for those to whom they make such claims, such as yourself.

        What I HAVE seen verifiable proof of, however, are people being sentenced to prison terms for doing the fraudulent crap it promotes.

        My advise remains the same, avoid those who claim to have magical silver bullets to solve legal situations, because they DON’T exist, even where they SHOULD exist in certain instances. But this is certainly not one of them.


    • 👠Let me further advise that thus far, anyone [Personally know of one] that has been successful in proving the content of this “trust” angle has been through Federal charges and subsequently arrested. Charge: Wire transfer fraud and possible decades in prison. The individual I personally know, was able to find and transfer thousands of dollars.
      IT IS A SETUP.
      It’s proving to be deliberate false dissemination by government agencies. The usual suspects circling around this subject are heading into other areas of government corruption, legislation manipulation, and political payoffs. Which means you no longer comply as an obedient slave, one that’s possibly getting closer to exposing their tricks, lies and theft.
      If is sounds to good to be true? It is!
      when saying this is dangerous nonsense.
      The best way to learn more about law and its proper procedures is to read case law, the complaint any content therein. Congressional hearings are also high on this list.
      If you find the content you’re listening to seems to be someone’s OPINION, [without a way to confirm content] I’d suggest that you cease listening to these idiots. There are many people that have excellent sales type abilities. Don’t be duped by these tactics.
      A simple solution is to read the legislation Eddie provides in all his radio, video or classes. It will give you a better understanding of what he’s telling you. I personally listen to each content repeatedly, learning more than the last with each one. I also suggest you start with this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V9kVCQ0y5Ec/


  10. Hello TOL, here in NJ the state has proclaimed its intention to be the lawbreaker, The good part is that NJ has provided a direct path into Federal Court. Since Federal Courts are bound by State Law, this must be known. Police Powers can ONLY be used for CRIMINAL investigation and NEVER to raise revenue (that would be extortion). Did I forget to mention that NJ intends to be a lawless state? LOOK it up: Police authority ONLY can be applied to enforcing the CRIMINAL LAWS of the state or municipal corporate interests! Also “OBSTRUCTION” can ONLY occur when a CRIME has occurred. In NJ Title 2c is the CRIMINAL code, Title 39 is a CIVIL code, aka “Traffic”, aka “Commercial”! Listen carefully how agents of NJ parse their words! Note” NO ONE has ALL of the TRUTH so everyone will have to sort through the many sources of info to compile the real evidence of wrongdoing by those Parasites – Oops – Politicians! The alleged courts of NJ simply ignore the truth AND the LAW! Eddie, I am more than happy to share what I have uncovered here in NJ and Pa (you have my email now). “If you don’t know the words you can’t ask the questions. If you can’t ask the questions you will never find the answers!” (complete disclosure upon contact) Be safe, be careful. Ps, Android has many free video apps saving to the cloud, Invest in multiple “Dash Cams” Video evidence can’t be denied! Question: “Is this a civil or CRIMINAL stop/investigation?” Quazi = Fraud, look it up!


    • Whether or not the “traffic” stop is civil or criminal is dependent upon the laws of the specific state itself, as many treat them differently than another may. Here in Texas they are treated as “criminal,” while many other states treat them as “civil/administrative” rather than criminal, such as California and Michigan for example.

      As to your equivocation that “quasi = fraud,” well, as a definition that is utterly untrue, while as an action in law, it is somewhat true, but with explanation required. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “quasi” as “being ‘almost’ or ‘resembling’ – but not actually the same.” Thus, it is more of an equivocation of “semi” than it is directly related to “fraud,” as fraud requires an actual intent to deceive another while quasi does not. Thus, when they call the action “quasi-criminal,” they are really saying, it’s treated as a criminal action, but the act itself is not really a common law crime.”

      Also, you are trying to draw a distinction between the CRIMINAL PENAL CODE and certain kinds of “CRIMES” legislatively created and defined by other statutes, most of which are remedially regulatory in nature. The legislature may define crimes OUTSIDE of the common law aspects of the penal code for certain classes of “legal person” who are acting in certain privileged activities or occupations over which the state has regulatory authority and oversight for the health and welfare of the public as a whole, such as the medical industry and using the public highways as a place of business for private profit or gain for instance.

      That means that your analysis of “quasi” is incorrect, as it appears to operate to the presumptive exclusion of such authority existing at all for such purposes, when it actually DOES. It is just not a power and authority that was ever originally intended to be extended over and used to abuse the general public acting PRIVATELY in their rightful individual use of public property rather than PUBLICLY for private profit or gain by means of that same public property. We owe THAT little “fuck you all” to the lawyers who are writing these laws to enrich and empower themselves at our expense.

      Thanks for the comment though.


  11. To the general public: When and however one gets embroiled in the legal or judicial system, you as an individual are immediately at a disadvantage. One’s first recourse is to pay for an attorney to represent you (around $2,000 dollars in advance). However, you soon realize the attorney is doing nothing to help you, in fact, whatever they do, you could have done it yourself. In the attorney/client relationship, the attorney wants you to do everything the court-(cop, judge, state prosecutor) wants you to do (plead guilty, pay fine, take a class, go to jail). After the initial experience you soon realize you could have done that yourself, and saved the $2K. That’s when you wake-up and start fighting back for yourself, as the earlier posts suggest, and yes, you will make mistakes, but you learn, and move on. This is where Rule of Law Radio (Eddie, Randy, and Deborah) comes into place: there is nothing in the world that can guide you to understand, learn, and figure out the legal process as appropriately as they can. I admit Eddie’s programs has a bit more combative rhetoric; however, I’ve noticed Eddie’s program is getting better over time as he is gaining more confidence in himself and the positive response of the public. Randy’s program invokes a more antic appeal. Nonetheless, both programs are the very best and (maybe the only) starting point to make sense of the United States legislative and judicial branches of government.


  12. I have to say Eddie is a hero to me. Unlike many of the negative comments from the neighborhood trolls. I took everything Eddie said, bought me a copy of the Texas Motor Vehicle Code, spent 2 years connecting everything together. Then I put my money and freedom where my mouth is. I turned in my Texas drivers license, deregistered my Car and I went to Austin, Waco, Dallas/FT Worth and most importantly dozens of the little speed trap country towns Texas is so famous for and got myself pulled over on purpose.

    I can say for a fact THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you MUST do besides record everything IS ESTABLISH YOUR STATUS RIGHT OFF THE BAT, once you’ve set your status as Private with the Trooper, Officer, all 50 of the other officers that will show up and act like they know what they are doing. Stand up on your rights, shove them down their throats if you have to. They are powerless. I did this 12 times, speeding, suspended license, expired registration, rolling through stop signs, no insurance that i would produce.

    I would get all of that on every “summons” they are not tickets and i would tell them, go write out your little infraction bring it here because in less than 10 minutes i need to be back on the road. You are interfering with my Private Home Matters and children are involved, I’ll deal with everything in your Precinct “court” these guys just want to fill their ticket quota and they don’t have the slightest understanding of Law, Codes, Statutes. Let them walk back to you with their silly fradulent “Color of Law” paper, sign it WITHOUT PREJUDICE and sign it.

    Use Eddies 3 Documents and mail them in Certified Return Receipt Requested straight to the JP and or hand carry them, video record everything from the moment you pull in the parking lot. Many JP
    Precinct Clerks believe they are the law and try not to take the documents but ruin her day, put her in her place after a few cops try to intimidate you the JP will finally get up and assert his fake authority and I’ve seen their face go from a Boss Hog, I got you now boy, look to one of shock and thats it, you’re done. JP tells his clerk to shut up, get your file destroy it and remove your name from their computer and the cops hold open the door and say have a nice day. I’ve done that in 7 different precinct JP “courts”

    You also better know the required elements to make an Arrest Warrant official, any one of the required elements missing its fake. Traffic courts like to put Warrant for Arrest at the top of a sheet of paper, that doesn’t make it real but if a cop sees it he’s going to try to get you out of the car. Demand he produce it, if its electronic tell him have your Supervisor bring a hard copy, i believe you’re lying officer to trick me into giving up one of my rights. I demand to examine this alleged Arrest Warrant, if it’s real i will comply but if it’s acting under the color of law, well, someone’s going to be in trouble. One of my first battles of paperwork with a little JP court put that false warrant out there because I didn’t show up.

    Last time i was pulled over “Illegally” i ad. A Sheriff behind me at a light decided to invade my privacy and run my plates even though I’ve done nothing at all to even draw his eye towards me. I established my status as Private then asked him how he knew my registration was expired because he was behind me and it was dark. He replied I ran your plates. I asked him what Criminal Law i broke in full witness to him or what criminal law did he suspect me of committing that gave him the right to violate my privacy and my right to due process?

    He was polite, told me to have a good evening and be safe, got in his truck and drove away. That was the first and only time I didn’t leave first.

    I have no idea how I’m flagged in the police system here in Texas but i know this, for months now, cops come up behind me and I KNOW I’m being run and I’ll tell whoever is with me, here we go turn on your cameras record this and pay attention. Then they always turn their trucks away from me and leave me alone.

    Now, Thank you to Eddie and for all his hard work in guiding me on my education and learning the rules to the game i can now for the first time in my life travel unharrassed.

    I’m no longer nervous or scared when i get pulled over, I’m actually excited, now i know the important codes and laws for me and will call them out on their lies or ask how are you out here enforcing codes and regulations YOU don’t even know or understand?

    To those who only read what Eddie spend many hours researching and putting together here as a post and without doing or trying any of this or try to say it doesn’t match with the Idiocracity that lawyers have blanketed this beautiful planet in, I personally recommend you put some skin in with your comments. Because you never know, you might get pulled over after a couple of beers. Will you be a wolf or will you be a sheep?

    Thank you Eddie for all the hard you’ve done and do, if I can ever be of any assistance to you in this I’m happy to donate my time to help those who want it.

    I’ve spent more time in the Texas annotated section of the library, than most attorneys have spent their whole career, degree credits included I was sued by my ex wife for custody of our children after 12 years. Her first 2 attorneys laughed at me going Pro Se, until one got him tossed out for no standing, second one, ate him alive not following court rules and procedures, the 3rd refused to stick only to what he petitioned the court for to the point the Judge threw him and his client out of his court 3 times, immediately denied their petition and awarded me attorneys fees and i had no attorney but i did ask for reasonable expenses I incurred. The judge was very impressed.

    The funniest was my step son and one of his friends got arrested for possession, i got them both out on Habeas corpus in less than an hour and all charges dropped, dismissed with prejudice and the kicker, his friends father IS a criminal attorney. I still feel like i should send him a $10,000 invoice

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great job in your efforts. I see a need for a nationwide movement in which we the people take back the in-justice system and have the system work for us, instead of against us. One of my pet-peeves is when clerks of the courts, sheriffs, bailiffs, judges or anyone say “talk to your attorney”. This remark is automatic, as if our whole lives revolves around an attorney; it’s mind-washing. As for the populous, we are being brain-washed into believing we can’t function unless we pay someone else to function for us. I stop or correct this statement whenever someone says it.


    • I want to be able to do all this as I would think many others would do, but I need more information on HOW to do it all. Questions come up like “did you show a license”, “won’t you get arrested if you don’t”, “was your car registered”, “do you have plates”, “what do you file”, etc.

      There are bits and pieces of information all over this site and the internet, but nothing comprehensive that is written so that you can be fully prepared to take action and know how to deal with contingencies. It’s like, “listen to the radio show for countless hours and maybe you can piece it all together”.


      • Actually, there IS a seminar package I fully researched and wrote that DOES “put it all together” (for Texas at least), including the court documents that you would file in such a case. We use part of the proceeds from that package to help finance the network and keep us on the air. You can find it under “Eddie’s Traffic Seminar” here: http://www.logosradionetwork.com


  13. When is your new book coming out? From what I’ve heard you say on the radio, it is far superior to your previous 2011(?) work. If there is a link for it, please let me know. Also, I would LOVE to hear those recorded sessions between you and police officers and in court. I was unable to find them in the radio archives. Most of the archive recordings have no notes to them. If you can locate them, please provide links to them. Thanks.


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