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When Power and Hope Rests in the Hands of Sheep…

So, “the government really is concerned about our health and welfare” says so many of you.

They really care and are doing the best they can for all of us in the face of this Corona Virus disaster” says the vast population of gullible sheep the world over.

Most of you people think that “MSM” is an acronym for “MainStream Media,” but it’s really not. What it is really an acronym for is “Mislead, Skew & Manage.” Which is precisely what the powers-that-be have been doing with both the information and the public throughout this entire Hoaxdemic. And the vast majority of you swallowed the whole spiel hook, line and sinker. Just an FYI, I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, would make a highly profitable toll bridge, so which one of you stupid mask-wearing government-propaganda-deep throating motherfuckers wants to buy it the most?

How many times do you have to be told to not believe everything you read, see or hear? ESPECIALLY when the information source is A KNOWN AND PROVEN LIAR THAT ALWAYS HAS A SELF-SERVING AGENDA!?!? The only headlines these people should EVER appear in are the ones announcing the date, time and location of their public hanging or life-sentencing!!.Let’s look at some VERIFIABLE and FACTUAL information about this whole scenario that would make even FBI Agent Bill Maxwell proud to show his boss, Agent Carlisle, and shame the shit out of James Comey for being either too stupid or too corrupt to ever bring it to light…..

A Report on Successful Treatment of Coronavirus

You mewling friend-and-neighbor-snitching mask-wearing stay-at-home meatheads are complete and total morons for EVER thinking and believing that these people were or are telling us anything even remotely resembling the truth, much less actually giving a shit about ANY of us that aren’t members of their exclusive elitist club. You feel-good fidiots would have the rest of us sacrifice EVERYTHING just so you can have the illusion of being ‘safe’ while everything that really matters is completely destroyed and burned to ash all around us to the point where NO ONE will ever be safe again. Could a more stupid people exist on this planet and have any chance of surviving the chaos and doom that is now due and owing because of NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES!?!?

Just pull this fucking planet over to the curb already, because I am SOOO done and want to get off. Where the fuck is Mork when you really need him….

2 thoughts on “When Power and Hope Rests in the Hands of Sheep…

  1. I feel your frustration.! the president and governors got no power or rights over the people!! this is a violation of the 9th and 10th amendment of the Constitution and I’ve been saying this for a while in frustration!! I’ll keep saying 2 things…come and take it & don’t thread on me!! I am tired of the sheeps and they can submit for all I care while worshipping their gods(masters) all for the false sense of security!!


  2. Exactly! I would like to add that wearing a mask also invites two highly dangerous situations apon the security and safety of our living body. One is the fact that we are to inhale as much fresh air as possible considering the functionality of the brain depends on how much oxygen we inhale while exhaling carbon dioxide(co2). So everyone wearing a mask for hours or days at a time are only poisoning their own blood and dumbing themselves down even more than their misguided controllers have already done. Second every time I turn around in a big city, especially certain areas where crime rates are normally higher than others, these damn fools are somewhat startling enough for me to consider in a split second to drawing doubles on these mother fuckin gangsters LMMFAO… And I’m only in South Austin at the moment and thanks for what you do much appreciated.


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