The Patrinut “Congressional Record” Fallacy

I’ll address this Patrinut idiocy for, oh, the MILLIONTH frickin’ time.

The citation in this picture that insinuates that is taken from and found in the “Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646” is 100% FAKE!!! Always has been.

It should come as no surprise that there is no such citation to be found in the congressional record ANYWHERE. What really bothers me though is trying to figure out why the moronic folks that keep posting and reposting this crap as fact never actually bothered to look up this disinformation for themselves to learn whether or not it is factual or entirely FALSE!! I only ask because false it most certainly IS!

Why is it that not ONE of them has ever tried finding and reading the ACTUAL congressional record instead of a screen shot created by the original lying-ass disinformation spreading moron who fabricated this idiotic lie to make it look like they knew what the hell they were talking about?

When did Americans become so mentally illiterate and lazy that they simply accept any and all information as fact without any consideration for the source or effort to verify its veracity? No wonder we have become so proficient at sucking at everything on the world stage and have other countries laughing at us for sitting stupidly by while our public servants rob us blind and betray everything this country was founded on and they swore to protect. No wonder.

Please find a PDF copy of the original congressional record in question attached at the bottom of this article. Read through it CAREFULLY, then, IF you find this citation written therein, you can call ME the idiot. If you can’t, then I simply ask that you take a solemn oath to publicly bitch-slap the stupidity right out of any person who posts this shit as being actual fact without verifying it first by linking in this article in the comments where it was posted.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Patrinut “Congressional Record” Fallacy

  1. So, what is the instrument that these tyrants use to continue their endless need for prosecuting and convicting us all for crimes not committed and to profit from? You offered only a part of an answer, just no solution. How or what motivates them to continue their meritless attacks on law-abiding citizens? Without that, this information only leaves us where we began, which is, without doubt, to be just as bad off than believing nonsense. Is there a document that we’re unaware of that explains this? Or are we supposed to continue being dipshits for the sole purpose of being fucked over and laughed at for being held out on? This link was corrupted by the way, so nothing has been verified. It’s all misinformation until we have the truth, and I find it hard to believe that they’re going to stop abusing their power because we may someday find it. They will just repeal and replace it with whatever fits their agenda. I’ve grown tired of being the dipshit sitting in prison because some asshole doesn’t want to give solid info as a defense without a $5,000.00 pretrial contract. The only solution to this problem is exactly what I’ve been stating all along. We need to physically remove these cocksuckers by the throat, stick them in a gas chamber and turn it on. I’d be happy to help get that started, but some people are too worried they will be told no. We are committing treason by allowing this to continue, and the enabler is worse than the instigator and actor combined. I await your response eagerly.


  2. Hey guys. If you go to this page,,the%20USA%20and%20US%20Inc. , you can see how the info was misconstrued, at least this is how I see it. On #5, the “congressional record” citing is actually a footnote referring to information stated above it that discusses establishing D.C. as a corporation and its governance and the failure of ratification of the 14th amendment. The citation of the congressional record is only meant to support the author’s position on the 14th amendment ratification issue. The alleged quote from the record is actually the author’s summation of the information that had been provided up to that point. Someone didn’t recognize the proper way to read the text and posted it incorrectly when it was copied and pasted. By the way, luv you Eddie. And I thank you. I’m working on suing Pearland, Friendswood, Brazoria County, Galveston County and Harris County over a 4 year battle about registering my auto that’s landed me in jail 3 times out of 9 stops. I’m a little afraid of retaliation but whenever I need a booster shot to get it done, yours is one of the sites I come to for reassurance that I AM NOT crazy! (Well, at least not in this case… :-))

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