4th Amendment Done RIGHT!

The TV show “Breaking Bad” does have some useful information in it, and not just for drug kingpins.

I made this video because it is an absolutely PERFECT example of how things should be handled in ANY traffic stop, as well as how to do things in accordance with my “Transportation Stop Practice Script.”

I didn’t have time for the fancy video editing required to implement freeze frames and such for long pieces of text, so pause the video manually if you need to in order to read the whole thing.

However, the IMPORTANT thing is, PAY ATTENTION to what is going on and what is being said and done, as well as HOW it is being said. This could save your life at some future point!!


6 thoughts on “4th Amendment Done RIGHT!

    • That’s the reason I ALSO linked a copy direct from this blog page. Click the URL link BELOW the copyright block notice and you can view it.

      FYI, I also filed a copyright dispute with YouTube since the video IS being used strictly for educational purposes, which makes it a legal exception to the copyright block that is being done.


      • Yeah, I filed a copyright dispute with YouTube because this video is being used for educational non-profit purposes. In the meantime, it is viewable on my profile page on Facebook in a public post. So you should be able to see it there. The Facebook profile is “Tao Lauw”


    • Do I have t have to have have a driver licenses to in texas to travel to work in my car.ans do I have ro present my dl to cops if they pull me over


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