Will you be the hero, the villain, or still asleep when the revolution comes?

The role you choose to play in the coming new American Revolution will be important. Don’t choose the wrong one. Stop believing in a system run by people that care nothing about you. Stop believing that they have the answers and can solve our problems, whatever they may be.  They serve only themselves, and they do so at our expense.

It is time to take the red pill and awaken from the nightmare that is the illusion of liberty and freedom that we are constantly promised is right around the corner. The false promise that if only we let them have more power and control, they can get us there, they can make us truly free.

The simple truth is that you need only free your mind of the misconception that you need a leader to tell you what to do and how to live. Whether it be one or or one thousand, who could or would possibly care more for you and your family than you do?

Wake up. Adam and Eve have already eaten from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and you are capable of knowing it for what it is when you see it. Look around you. Look into the dead and soulless eyes and hear the false words of those that would have you trust them with absolute power and authority over you, your family, and your property. Know too that, in their minds, you are not free, you are not even human. You are nothing more than a natural resource placed here to serve them in their own wants and needs.

The Matrix is real. It is very real. It may not be computer generated, but it just as effective at making you believe that things are supposed to be this way and that those in power are supposed to be and remain in power. Because we must believe and accept that they know what is best for us all.

That is not for me.
I will not let that be or remain my personal reality. I may die trying to change it, and others may say that I wasted my life trying. But whose life is it to decide with if not mine? If not by my choice?

The Matrix is real, the choices are real, the outcome will be real. We simply must choose the one we want and then come together to make it ours, even if we must take it by force from the hands of those that would deny us what is rightfully ours so as to keep it all for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Will you be the hero, the villain, or still asleep when the revolution comes?

  1. Hello my name is John I went to your class a few weeks ago,and briefly talked to you at the end of the session.I have a court date Sept 6…driving with invalid license .do you have documents I can file for no jurisdiction …not sure if I have to file before the court date…or what else I need to do before hand.



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