Do You Suffer From PatriNUT Allergies?

I keep encountering the same demonstrably incorrect reading, research and arguments surrounding the various Patrinut fantasies of how things work in this country in relation to actual law and that which is merely ‘legal’ or ‘illegal.’

I have watched these claims and arguments make the rounds regularly in the Patrinut community, and they are always presented as THE one perfect answer and silver bullet to ALL of the woes we currently labor and suffer under. The problem is, there is no such silver bullet solution to our current crop of problems, and believing that there is one is rather delusional in itself. I have had to address and demonstrate the fallacy of the Patrinut proposed explanations/solutions time-and-time again as being neither true nor even reasonable to accept as fact. And honestly, I think that any moderately intelligent and logical person could be totally stoned on Vicodin and bourbon and recognize many of these legal theories as being less believable and likely than their own drug-induced delusions.

Yet, after thorough analysis of WHY people continue to spread this disproven crap as fact, even after they have once again been shown that it simply isn’t true and doesn’t work that way at all, it appears to always boil down to one of two things as the root cause, badly underdeveloped reading and comprehension skills coupled with even worse critical thinking and logical analysis skills. Shockingly, even while engaging in all of these off-the-wall theories, no one ever seems to consider the possibility of a rather obvious alternative, that the system as we know and understand it is entirely corrupted, manipulated and controlled by a well-organized and entrenched criminal cartel that doesn’t care one iota for what our rights are, what the law is, and what the limitations originally imposed upon their actions and authority actually is.

Apparently, however, the cognitive dissonance associated with this possibility is so great, it causes certain types of people to resort to mystical and arcane reasoning to try and explain why that possibility alone simply cannot be the truth. So, they concoct a wide array of completely fictional historical and legal based theories involving powerful magical legal incantations and documents that will purportedly stop the abuses of power and authority as quickly and effectively as a Buick-sized chunk of Kryptonite would bring Superman to his knees. And while there is tons of actual and inferential evidence of there being very real conspiracies by a few of those in power and government (or in some later and recent cases, many), over the slightly more than two centuries of our American existence, the Patrinuts see literally every single action by anyone in a position of presumed authority as part of a conspiracy to steal everything and enslave us all that began even prior to the war for independence.

The Patrinut promulgators of these legal and political myths appear to always begin by making multilayered presumptions and inferences that are based upon a particular but totally incomplete foundation of alleged and presumed facts into an, at best, unstable legal or political theory. From there they appear to then spend their time digging around for anything that they can find and misread into something allegedly representing a proven factual bit of information supporting their theory.  And even when it is something that they have experienced firsthand, they almost always reach an unsubstantiated conclusion as to why the outcome of their situation was what it was.  And I have personally witnessed or know those that have gone to jail precisely because they were trying to use this nonsense as a valid countermeasure in their court case or other governmental dealings.

Some of these Patrinut theories include things like “The ALL-CAPS Name,” “Birth Certificate = Surety Bond,” “Birth Certificate = Converted You Into A Corporation,” “If you ‘Understand’ Something then You Agree to ‘Stand-under’ That Something,” “Write Non-Assumpsit on Citations/Bills/Legal Documents or Instruments,” “You Are/Have a ‘Straw Man’,” “UCC Law Controls EVERYTHING,” “All Crimes [Everywhere] Are Commercial,” “Birth Certificate = Straw Man,” “Post Master General is More Powerful than the Entire Government,” “Accepted for Value = Pay ALL Your Bills From Your SSN Account,” “BAR Association = British Accreditation Registry,” “The Pope/Vatican Owns Us All/Everything,” “The Pope/Vatican Controls ALL Governments,” and on and on and on….

What I have NEVER seen in conjunction with ANY of these theories, however, is a single shred of actual documented proof that the theory or outcome is even remotely factual and accurate. Instead, any documents that are put forth as this so-called ‘proof,’ at least, in every single case that I have personally looked into, have turned out to be nothing more than someone’s extremely poor reading and comprehension skills, a complete or partial reliance upon other unresearched bad/misinformation, or an intentional misrepresentation of what is actually written and/or what it means.

This is especially true when it comes to court opinions on a given subject. I see a constantly circulating barrage of the same bogus group of court rulings where the poster, who has obviously failed to research and verify the information presented, is claiming the case contains a particular cite relating to a particular subject or area of law. In the cite there is language that appears to be the ‘legal silver bullet’ that both explains and solves everything. The problem is, the cite does NOT actually exist ANYWHERE in the opinion OR the pleadings of the entire case, nor does the case even remotely infer the outcome or discussion as stated in the cite. It is totally FAKE! At other times, the cite is being reworded to mean something the original wording did not convey or intend, which means that it too is FAKE! But, for some reason that I have yet to fathom, people simply accept the posted cite as completely true and irrefutable without research and verification of any kind whatsoever.

The disinformation specialist, i.e. the Patrinut initiator/propagator, then takes this same sort of misrepresentation and disinformation chicanery and applies it liberally to legislative enactments and statutory schemes, resulting in an equally predictable idiotic and potentially legally dangerous outcome for the misinformation end-user who doesn’t bother to do their own due diligence and research into the information before relying upon it. A perfect example of this type of statutory dissimulation is FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that Hillary Clinton should NOT be criminally charged in her private email server incident because the FBI could not find any actual evidence of intent to commit a crime. The problem with this analysis, however, is that the statutes that make her actions completely criminal do not require intent in order to for the offense to have been committed. The standard of the statute is negligence, which even Comey admitted existed in abundance. Thus, his suggestion that she should not be charged with even a single crime remains something of a real head-scratcher. But, that is a conspiracy best explored at another time.

The thing that astounds me the most about the plethora of Patrinut myth propagation specialists is that, when you ask for supporting evidence, or you disprove their ‘evidence’ and ‘facts’ by showing that no such statute, case opinion, or reading of either is actually true and correct, they become downright hostile to the one that exposed them to the real facts that they were missing. Instead, they react with the equally idiotic response of “I don’t have to prove anything to you!” Hey, Patrinut Boy/Girl, a little reality newsflash for you, you could not have demonstrated my point any better as to your lack of comprehension and learning skills with that response, because, if you had any such skills, you would already know that the rule of ANY law and legal system is that “he who makes the claim MUST be the one to prove up the claim.” And this is what astounds me so, that these are the very same people that claim to be demanding and searching for the absolute truth, and allegedly providing that truth for us all to see, but who seem to utterly resent anyone that provides facts and evidence that disproves what they believe and are presenting to others. You would think they would be happy to learn that they were mistaken, and that there actually is a more logical and provable theory of what and how things are going or being done wrong.

Do you understand my quandary yet? A Patrinut spouts bad or intentionally misleading information, all the while decrying that many folks “just don’t get it,” that those who disagree are “agents” of some kind (a favorite ploy of the CIA, who actually coined the discrediting nomenclature “sovereign citizen”), and that the fascist, statist, and corrupt government shills are trying to spread constant disinformation to mislead us all. And yet, if you dare expose that THEY are doing the EXACT same thing, suddenly YOU are the bad guy in their little fairy tale. It doesn’t even matter if you explain that you don’t think their spread of misinformation was intentional. Just by challenging their misinformation you become a “hater of real truth” because you dared challenge and destroy this self-described “prophet patriot’s” unsubstantiated version of realty by using actual facts and evidence that proved him or her to be, at best, mistaken, or at worst, intentionally and deceitfully disseminating misinformation. I have had this exact experience numerous times on Facebook and other discussion forums. And cognitive dissonance being the highly contagious disease that it is, all of their little disciples jump on the hater band-wagon and start calling you a fascist or some other equally unintelligent attack upon your person and character. It leads one to ask the question “just what color IS the sun on the planet where these people live?

So much for the unity and interaction of the real Patriot community when it comes to working together using factual truth and accurate presentation of information that can be useful and used by others. It is this disinformation that keeps us divided and chasing our tails and other legal phantasms, rather than helping us organize and recognize the real problem so we can reach a viable solution in a cohesively unified manner. And the longer we remain divided in our understanding and direction in creating a solution, the stronger our real enemy gets and the less options we have available to regain control of our lives, property, and government.

Therefore, with all of that in mind, might I suggest something here? If you are going to study law and the legal system, or even just American and political history in general, and then try to use that information to actually assist and educate others, you should either learn or devise a reliable “Standard of Review” for your research and theories. Something like this would at least be a good start:

Standard for Review:

Rule 1: To understand any relationship you must:
… (a) First understand who the parties are (from their origin);
… … … (1) Always know yourself first, as a free individual acting
… … … …. in your private capacity; or
… … … …. as an individual acting in a 
public ‘legal capacity’;
… (b) Discover the true nature of all other parties second;
… (c) Then you must understand the historical and
… … . environmental nature of the relationship; and,
… (d) NEVER rely upon multiple levels of inference, rather,
… … . use ONLY one level of inference that is BOTH a
… … . REASONABLE and PROBABLE conclusion based upon
… … . the existing fact(s); and,
… (e) Only THEN can you understand how applicable laws
… … . may effect that relationship and/or the parties to it;
… (f) thus, it is time to study such laws in earnest.
Rule 2: Review the details of the relationship in question only after you have completed the review required by Rule 1, then review the actual terms of the relationship and the details in question in accordance with what you learned from applying Rule 1.
We are all too divided and suffer from too much tunnel vision in wanting to be the real-world version of Neo, the “chosen one,” when it comes to solving the problems within the very real “Matrix” that we currently exist in. What the Patrinuts have yet to come to understand is, Neo’s ‘Matrix’ existed in a movie studio and special effects lab, so that’s why he could fly and stop bullets with just his thoughts. Our Matrix exists in a much more tangible and dangerous world. And despite how cool it would be, we can’t fly, and, if we try to stop bullets using just our minds, then our shadow is going to resemble the spots of light reflected from a cheesy 70’s disco ball. Which is a really dire consequence for believing that we were capable of doing so.
So, to all the Patrinuts out there, you’re correct about one thing, there is a real Matrix. The downside is that your political and legal explanations and solutions for dealing with it aren’t.

3 thoughts on “Do You Suffer From PatriNUT Allergies?

  1. well, im not sure how to feel….. this paragraph:

    Some of these Patrinut theories include things like “The ALL-CAPS Name,” “Birth Certificate = Surety Bond,” “Birth Certificate = Converted You Into A Corporation,” “If you ‘Understand’ Something then You Agree to ‘Stand-under’ That Something,” “Write Non-Assumpsit on Citations/Bills/Legal Documents or Instruments,” “You Are/Have a ‘Straw Man’,” “UCC Law Controls EVERYTHING,” “All Crimes [Everywhere] Are Commercial,” “Birth Certificate = Straw Man,” “Post Master General is More Powerful than the Entire Government,” “Accepted for Value = Pay ALL Your Bills From Your SSN Account,” “BAR Association = British Accreditation Registry,” “The Pope/Vatican Owns Us All/Everything,” “The Pope/Vatican Controls ALL Governments,” and on and on and on….

    are you saying this/these topics are false??bogus?.. i know what i experience….and i know i have never seen as many want me to waive my rights as those that should be protecting it… and if you tell the “judge” you do not understand. he sounds like a f/n car salesman talking you into the undercoating.. trying to get you to say you understand…
    i reserved my rights and the judge left the room… i mistakenly did not re reserve my rights…… but the topper was when my so called court appointed atty flat out asked me what i wanted to do…. i told him i wanted him to make a motion to dismis du to lack of corpus deletii….. he would not…. cause he works for the bar and not me…. dont tell me what iv seen with my own eyes…..

    so am i to assume you donot think the topics above are legit??
    U tell me…


    • Before I answer your question about these myths being false, tell me which one of them YOU actually used in the scenario you described in your comment? Did you use ANY of them? How do you think any of those listed myths are in any way relevant to a challenge to the lack of a corpus delicti? And since they aren’t, just what DID you “see with your own eyes?”


  2. Not sure if this is the best thread for me to post my experience as being a “patrinut”, so feel free to repost or share, but the long and short of it is this. I stood outside of the area in the courtroom that supposedly symbolized ‘stepping onto the dock’ and ‘admiralty law’ and a bunch of other symbolic nonsense. I had all of my ‘arguments’ prepared and ‘explained’ to the judge how my ALL CAPS self wasn’t present blah, blah, blah. Judge threatended me with contempt, and I said “civil or criminal?” as my patrinut script prescribed, and he stood up, SLAMMED his hand down and screamed “CRIMINAL!” by this time 3 deputies were standing an arm’s length away as I frantically thumbed through my script for a response… I should have stopped, but I didn’t… I was balls deep now after all, might as well finish screwing the pooch right? So I said to the judge, “who is the injured party?” The judge, face beat red, stood up again, and yelled, “I AM!” By this time, one of the deputies made a move towards me, at which point I put my hand up and said as my script described… “STOP, you do not have permission to touch me!” Perplexed, the officer stopped, looked at the judge, the judge waved his hand, and through the courtroom I went by the scruff of my neck… they threw me into the back hall against the wall, then threw me onto the floor and cuffed me. It was very appropriate, in hindsight, that the whole affair ended with rug burns on my forehead, because I certainly got bent over… In conclusion, I was a ‘patrinut’, but before that, during, now and always, I have simply sought the truth… seek and ye shall find… thank you Eddie for being a landing strip for those of us who can put ego aside to find said truth and land on it…


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