Chronology – How to document your case while learning the process.

One of the biggest problems you will face in going to court is keeping track of everything accurately and timely.  And the best advice I can give you on doing so is to NOT trust any of it to memory alone.  WRITE IT DOWN!  This is also the best way to quickly bring someone else up to speed when you are requesting their assistance and help in advising you and pointing you in the right direction for what to do next. Just provide them with the chronology and they can follow along and understand the situation much more quickly. And the better-detailed you make the chronology, the better that result will be.

Writing it all down does several things to help you in the process. What I recommend for that is a simple but comprehensive chronology. A well-kept chronology serves as a scheduling tool, a task/check list, a reminder of facts that might otherwise grow dim with time, an alarm clock, and a learning tool. Most of these are self-explanatory, but the idea of it also being a learning tool might take a bit of explaining.

When you first begin the process of fighting these battles in the corrupt and immoral court system we currently have, you are proverbially a fish out of water. And facing a trained attorney in a court room is a lot like being a fish caught on dry land by a cat. It will almost never end well. But, that sort of outcome ALSO depends heavily on just what type of fish you actually are or are willing to be.  Cats don’t usually fair so well when the fish they wanted to make a meal out of turns out to be a live barracuda or shark.  And being properly prepared and educated in the “how to’s” and “why’s” of law and the legal process makes you more like either of those than the poor defenseless goldfish that the cat believes you to be.

As you learn the process, the notes you take today will be invaluable to you, and potentially others, tomorrow. You will be able to go back and look at all the things you THOUGHT you understood and compare them to the knowledge you have accumulated up to today. And the differences over time will surprise you. Questions that you once raised to yourself the first few times that you tried to fight back will now be able to be answered immediately and with true and accurate information. And today, rather than it being a question, it will be a statement of “This is what they SHOULD have done, and this is what they actually DID, and THIS is what I use as the authority and process for doing what I need to do about it!”  And this will be possible because you have (hopefully) LEARNED from the experience.

Therefore, a well kept chronology can help you in ways that you might not have previously considered. And it is a record keeping method upon which you can improve over time with only a little thought and effort to figure out the method(s) that still cover all the bases while allowing you to set it up more to your style and liking.

The provided template is just that, a template. It is a starting point to understanding the things that you will want to keep track of and have a single point of reference for. It is easy to understand and to use. But it will only truly benefit you if you DO use it accordingly.  Be timely in filling it out, when facts and details are at their freshest.  The sooner you make an entry after an event occurs the better. And even better is if you are taking those notes in real-time during the event in question, especially when it comes to keeping track of all the players.  Keep that in mind as you look it over and absorb its structure.  USE it and it WILL help you in the long run to become a better fighter and much harder prey for the cats.

01B EC – SUP – Chronology 7777

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