Research – Statutes Are NOT the Law. Do Your Due Diligence!

MEME - We Don't Need No StatutesOkay, lem’me try to edgeyumucate you’se guys all over agin’…

DON’T read JUST the statutes. In fact, DON’T read them first! Go find the ORIGINAL LEGISLATIVE ACTS that the statutes are SUPPOSED to be based upon and come from. Which, here in Texas, is the 1925 legislative session laws. The statutes are NOT the law, the SESSION Bill is the law. An amendment to STATUTE absolutely CANNOT amend the underlying law OR change or expand its original purpose and subject matter.

THEN, identify and verify the specific SUBJECT that the original Bill was intended to regulate, which most state constitutions require to be stated in the Bills Title/Caption. Without fail, you will most likely find that such Bills are ALL related to COMMERCE and COMMERCIAL USE of the highways and roads.

Where a statute conflicts or attempts to expand upon the underlying session law in a manner the underlying law does NOT encompass, the statute is unconstitutional and void, which will also be written somewhere in your particular state constitution.

Furthermore, you might want to read up in your particular state constitution as to WHO can make law and HOW the process of doing so is constitutionally MANDATED that it be done. THEN, if either the underlying session law or the newly adopted amended version of the statutory scheme was enacted in a manner that does NOT comply with this process and procedure, it IS unconstitutional and void.

N’est pa?

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