Federal Income Tax – The IRS’s Creation and Perpetuation of a Fraud!

If you know anything about the income tax, then you realize that something is wrong with how it works. If you know a LOT about the income tax scheme, then you know that is precisely what it is, a scheme.

Every single day Americans of all walks of life are defrauded by their own government through its operation and refusal to control a rogue agency that has no place in America and never has.

This link is to a recently filed federal lawsuit exposing but one way that the world’s greatest and most pervasive financial fraud and outright theft of the individual wealth of the American people has been implemented and used. It is well worth your time and effort to understand what this suit is proving has occurred through literally decades of extortion and robbery by your government and the illegal abuse of the tax system.

It is time to awaken and understand what immoral and corrupt things are being done to you and all other American using our own name as the authority by which it is done. It is time to stop being sheep and learn once more to be men!

Case 1:15-CV-01288 Robert A. McNeil v Commissioner, Internal Revenue and U.S. Attorney General


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