Texas Has No Set Speed Limits, and it NEVER Has Had.

What are prima facie speed limits?  They are presumptive maximum safe speeds and nothing more. Download and read the attached document to understand what this actually means to you when being pulled over for the false charge of “speeding” on a Texas highway by some overpaid badge-wearing ass-clown without a clue.


Cop - I'm A Good Cop, Right

__ General Notes on Speeding Statutes

4 thoughts on “Texas Has No Set Speed Limits, and it NEVER Has Had.

  1. There are jurisdictions (not the least of which is the City of Houston) which firmly believe (because they want to) that we DO have absolute speed limits, and say so in EACH and EVERY ONE of their speeding Complaints. Motions to Quash fall on completely deaf ears. They finally let the cat out of the bag. They look to Sec. 543.010 which does use the phrase maximum lawful speed. That is the ONLY place you find it, and because it omits the words ‘prima facie’, as in maximum prima facie lawful, they pretend they are on solid legal ground. The City wants the money so they let ’em get away with it.


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