TEXAS ONLY!! Updated Red Light Camera Response Letter

Okay, here is an updated Red Light Camera Ticket letter that is to be used by TEXANS ONLY for any such “citation” issued by a municipality therein.  Be aware that they might very well go ahead and find against you on the “citation” anyway, but, THAT will be their undoing if you pursue a lawsuit for them having done so. There is also a video of one of the Texas Legislators asking this very fact question of the three-person panel asking them not to pass legislation to do away with the cameras.

It should come as no surprise that this panel was comprised almost entirely of high-ranking law enforcement agency personnel.

Read and ENJOY!!

05.03D2 EC – LTR – (TEXAS ONLY) Special Appearance Letter Red Light or Speeding Camera

4 thoughts on “TEXAS ONLY!! Updated Red Light Camera Response Letter

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  2. This is from 2015. I know the legislature changes laws every 2 years so I wanted to be sure the information is still accurate for 2018 since I heard there had been changes…. Thank you.


    • It is still accurate, and would be even if they HAD enacted any so-called changes to the statutes because such citations and methods are STILL completely unconstitutional as being completely outlawed as a Bill of Pains and Penalties in the eyes of the state and federal constitutions.


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